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Experience with alpacas

Trekking, wool products
Breeding & training

Family business since 1996

managed in the 2nd generation

- trekking -

Experiences with

Alpaca & Llama

Walks, trekking tours,

Romantic picnic or children's birthday party

... with us you will find the right experience!

- wool products -

Sonnenaufgang über dem Weizenfeld

Cuddly soft.
Temperature regulating.

Find your personal favorite piece made of alpaca wool in our online shop.

- breeding -

As the first breeder in Austria, we have been running a small but fine alpaca breed since 1996.

We are at your side if you have any questions about New World Camel and are your competent contact point for breeding and selling alpacas.

Sonnenaufgang über dem Weizenfeld

- Training -

Auch vom Alpakavirus infiziert?

...dann tauche ein in die Welt der Neuweltkameliden bei unseren

Seminaren & Trainings

Erfahre alles Wichtige über Alpakas und deren Verwandte

und lerne den richtigen Umgang mit den Tieren.

Verkauf. Beratung. Deckservice.

"Never look too deep into an alpaca's eyes or you will fall in love."

South American proverb